Press button = Instant Rave


You can visit the Insta-Rave site on your phone or computer when you want an instant rave party. By pressing the button in the center of the Insta-Rave web page you will start an instant rave party by having your device flashing lights and playing music. So, press the button, start dancing and enjoy!

Insta-Rave (also known as instarave) is a term used to describe the sudden urge, you might feel, to automatically start dancing the instant you hear rave music. Instarave is fun and exciting. Read more about Insta-Rave (or instarave) at the Urban Dictionary.



Beware of loud music when wearing headphones.

Rave music is a type of EDM (electronic dance music) which originated in the late 1980´s and early 1990´s in underground venues in the UK. In the early days of Rave music they usually played music genres like house, acid house and techno. EDM (electronic dance music) has been constantly evolving since the early days. Nowadays EDM (electronic dance music) heard in rave parties, and when you want to instarave, is mostly psytrance, trance and hardstyle.

So listen to the EDM (electronic dance music) known as rave music and Insta-Rave. You can read more about rave music and its history on Wikipedias entry for rave music.